Ukraine Legislative Update: September 2019 [EN/UK]

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Adopted Legislation

  • Reorganization of the Ministry of TOT and IDPs

  • Strategic Plan for the new Government

  • Normative framework for functioning of the Ministry of Digital Transformation

Draft Legislation

  • Draft Law on verification and monitoring of social payments

Other developments

  • Electoral code

Adopted legislation

Reorganization of the Ministry of TOT and IDPs

On September 2, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution #8291 on certain issues of optimization of central government bodies.

Among other changes, the Ministry of Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine was reorganized by acceding to the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine. Therefore, the title of the merged institution is Ministry of Veterans Affairs, Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine. Oksana Koliada was appointed Minister of the reorganized Ministry upon submission of her candidacy by the association of veterans. The scope of conflict and displacement-related issues to be covered by the merged ministry will be identified in a new regulation of the Ministry.

The planned amount of budgetary allocations to the new Ministry for 2020 set by the Ministry of Finance is 150 829 800 UAH.

Strategic Plan for the new Government

On September 29, the Cabinet of Ministers by Resolution #8493 adopted and submitted to the Parliament the Five Year Strategic Plan for the Government. On October 4, the Parliament approved this Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan4 sets priorities and objectives for the work of the Government until 2025. The Government underlined that the Plan is “human oriented” and people are at the centre of all policies. The Plan contains 17 strategic areas (by the number of Ministries) and 87 goals.

The objective of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, TOT and IDPs is to integrate IDPs and residents of NGCA within the “modern Ukrainian environment” as measured by the following indicators: