Ukraine: Humanitarian Snapshot - March 2021 (As of 31 March 2021) [EN/RU/UK]

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The security situation deteriorated in eastern Ukraine during March, with an increased military presence in the region, intensification of military clashes and use of heavy weapons. These worrisome developments, coupled with rising tensions and increasingly bellicose language, point to the increasing fragility of the current ceasefire brokered in July 2020 and a likely return to the pre-ceasefire conflict dynamic. Of particular humanitarian concern is the flare-up of hostilities in areas with critical water infrastructure in Donetska oblast,

e.g. close to Yasynuvata (non-Government-controlled areas, or NGCA) and Shumy (Government-controlled areas, or GCA), which supply water to more than 3 million people on both sides of the “contact line”. The 2021 Humanitarian Response Plan remains significantly underfunded (just 6 per cent received as of the end of March), and requires urgent funding to ensure partners have the resources necessary for humanitarian preparedness and response activities

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