Ukraine Humanitarian Situation Report #4 - 21 March 2014

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 21 Mar 2014 View Original


  • The impact of rapid geopolitical changes and military operations in the Crimea have caused displacements of people and increased the risk of further displacements from Crimea.

  • 2,000 IDPs of mainly Tartar ethnicity (80%) from Crimea have arrived and sought refuge mainly in western parts of Ukraine.

  • UNICEF has ordered first batch of hygiene kits (1,000 sets) in Ukraine while awaiting a review of custom regulations by the Government to facilitate importation of humanitarian supplies.

  • A UNICEF’s multi-sector rapid assessment confirms psychosocial interventions as a priority for IDPs and resident Crimea children and it is reported that 4345 people with HIV including 192 children in Crimea are under threat of HIV treatment interruption.

  • A UN Human Rights monitoring team has been deployed to Ukraine to help establish the facts about alleged human rights violations, including those in Crimea.

  • Russia’s President has signed the law formalising Crimea’s ‘accession’ to Russia and the EU and Ukraine sign association accords.