Ukraine Humanitarian Fund: Instructions to Apply for UHF Eligibility Process [EN/RU/UK]


These instructions detail the requirements and steps to be eligible for the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (UHF). Further information is available in the attached guidance note and

Prior to applying to become eligible, NGOs should already:
i. Be an active member of the coordination system (e.g. Cluster or similar forum) and participate in the Humanitarian Response Planning (HRP) process;
ii. Be operational inside Ukraine and already provide assistance in conflict areas on either side of the contact line;
iii. Be operating according to clearly articulated humanitarian principles;
iv. Have a valid registration in Ukraine;
v. Demonstrate a track record of working in partnership with donors, UN and International organizations; and
vi. Demonstrate a clear organizational structure and have the financial capacity to absorb funds.

Steps to follow during UHF Eligibility Process

Step 1: Registration
NGOs who meet the above criteria will initiate the eligibility process by contacting the UHF via email at . The partner should fill out the UHF Registration Form and return the completed applications together with the below listed documents: i. UHF NGOs Registration Form – duly completed (form attached and available from UHF);
ii. Government issued certificate of registration as an NGO in Ukraine;
iii. A recent bank statement (not older than two months) and
iv. Financial Tracking System (FTS) code.

Step 2: Due Diligence (DD)
Once the registration process is concluded, the partner is granted access to the GMS ( to complete the Due Diligence (DD) process. The partners submits key declarations, statements and certificates that are listed in the attached guidance note on eligibility, and OCHA reviews these.

Step 3: Capacity assessment
The objective of the capacity assessment is to systematically review the institutional, technical, management and financial capacities of the partner, and to ensure that the Fund has the necessary information to make an informed decision about eligibility and initial risk rating. The assessment methodology will be comprised of a desk review of the documentation received from the organization, interviews with key informants including listed sector co-leads and donors, and visits to the organization’s offices where interviews will be conducted with staff members, systems checked and additional documents requested, if appropriate. The capacity assessment takes into account and, whenever possible, encompasses existing assessments such as Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfers (HACT).

Eligible partners, based on the individual score obtained during the assessment, will be categorized in three risk-level categories (low, medium and high). The score will also determine the appropriate operational modalities and control mechanisms that will be applicable to them as defined under the UHF Accountability Framework (Please refer to UHF Operational Manual for details. Questions and/or comments regarding the eligibility process can be addressed to UHF at

The Initial Capacity Assessment Forms and the general guidelines are available at


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