Ukraine Humanitarian Fund COVID19 Allocation for Eastern Ukraine (US $2,000,000)


A. Background and Rationale

Since the detection of the first COVID-19 case in Ukraine on 3 March, the number of cases continues to rise daily, and there are already confirmed cases in the two conflict-affected oblasts,
Donetska and Luhanska, The risk of rapid local transmission is high and the people living in areas affected by the conflict on the government-controlled side of the “contact line” are particularly at risk to COVID-19 as there is a high proportion of elderly people (36) and the healthcare system has been badly affected by the cumulative impact of years of armed conflict. The healthcare system is poorly equipped to handle the management and spread of COVID-19 and conduct the diligent tracing of cases that is required to slow the transmission.

People living in this area also face significant access restrictions to obtaining critical healthcare services due to insecurity, landmine contamination, high levels of unemployment, a lack of established local authorities and a limited presence of humanitarian actors. Given challenges in accessing healthcare, the possible spread of COVID-19 would have a devastating impact on the elderly, it is important for social isolation to be encouraged - and facilitated -- particularly for the elderly who are most at risk. It is also these isolated areas that are least likely to benefit from assistance and communications on COVID-19 from local and national authorities and where the absence of commercial mechanisms for the delivery of food, basic health and hygiene items, and COVID-mitigating material, will be most felt.
In order to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 it is also crucial that support is provided to health authorities to implement and carry out careful contact tracing of probable cases as well as their contacts.
Humanitarian partners are considered to be well placed to provide training and logistical support to health workers to do this contact training, thereby protecting vulnerable populations and mitigating the spread of COVID-19.
Ukraine Humanitarian Fund will provide a $2 million allocation to support contact tracing of people exposed to COVID-19 and for home-based outreach and assistance to the elderly who are selfisolating.

B. Allocation Envelopes / Windows

Home based assistance

The UHF will provide $1.6 million for home-based assistance in isolated settlements along the contact line. The allocation will support life-saving and risk mitigation assistance to these households. The provision of goods and services may include hygiene kits with sanitary supplies and personal protective equipment, psycho-social support, medical supplies, food and possibly working with existing voucher programs to support the delivery of items. All interventions will be implemented within appropriate social distancing and do-no harm practices, in accordance with a set of pre-established Protocols. The projects are ideally to be implemented within a 3-month timeframe.


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