Ukraine Humanitarian Fund: Allocation Strategy Paper, 2020 Priority Humanitarian Needs – Standard Allocation

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Addressing Priority Humanitarian Needs and Supporting Sustainable Response in Eastern Ukraine Ukraine Humanitarian Fund Standard Allocation – September 2020 (US$ 6 million)

A. Allocation Overview

US$ 6 million is available for this allocation of the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (UHF). This document outlines the strategic objectives and funding priorities for the allocation to address priority humanitarian needs in non-Government-controlled areas (NGCA), and to support the increased sustainability of response in Government-controlled areas (GCA) of the eastern Ukraine. This strategy paper is issued by the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) and the UHF Advisory Board (AB).

The HC, in discussion with the AB, has set two envelopes for this allocation, one to support priority humanitarian response needs in NGCA, and one to support governmental institutions to take greater responsibility for sustainably addressing humanitarian response in GCA:

  1. Addressing priority humanitarian needs: An envelope of $3.5 million will be allocated for activities that address the most urgent unmet humanitarian needs in NGCA during the winter months. Priority will be given to projects that support the most vulnerable groups of people directly or through support to social institutions. Projects should be presented by humanitarian actors with demonstrated response capacity in the proposed sector and area of intervention.

  2. Supporting sustainability of response: An envelope of $2.5 million will be allocated for humanitarian projectsimplemented in close collaboration with local authorities and development actors, following an area-based approach in prioritized GCA locations (Volnovaha and StanytsiaLuhanska raions). Priority will be given to proposals following a multi-sector approach that demonstrate strong collaboration with, and planned transfer of responsibility to, local authorities and development actors. Humanitarian organisations are encouraged to apply in consortiums and/or partnerships.

Through these two envelopes, the allocation aims to provide humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable people while serving as a catalyst for sustainable solutions to strengthen the capacity of national stakeholders to provide essential services.

This is a standard allocation. Projects should be developed in coordination with clusters and project proposals will be submitted through the Grant Management System (GMS).

This allocation does not target those living outside of the active conflict area or that do not meet these prioritized criteria.

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