Ukraine Humanitarian Fund: 2nd Reserve Allocation Strategy 2022


Section 1: Strategic Statement

The security situation across Ukraine, including in the two pre-existing conflict affected Donetska and Luhanska oblasts (regions), deteriorated rapidly. The intense hostilities – both in the ‘traditional’ hotspots along the “contact line” and new areas throughout Ukraine, including in Kyiv, have resulted in the loss of life, injuries and mass movement of the civilian population throughout the country and to neighbouring countries. The ongoing military offensive and rapidly deteriorating security environment throughout the country has put hundreds of thousands of people’s lives at risk. The expansion of the insecurity to the areas previously unaffected by hostilities is projected to create new humanitarian needs among millions of Ukrainians. This allocation is adapting to the newly unfolding situation.

Therefore, the Humanitarian Coordinator will release US$30 Million from the UHF to:

  1. Provide timely lifesaving multisectoral assistance to displaced and non-displaced persons, who are affected by the escalation of hostilities.

  2. Protect conflict-affected people and civilian infrastructure regarding international humanitarian law, norms, and standards.

  3. Support provision of basic services in areas impacted by the escalation of hostilities.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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