Ukraine: Health Cluster Bulletin #15 (December 2021 - January 2022)


Health Cluster – Summary

Health Cluster has stepped-up its emergency preparedness efforts in light of the potential escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Considering recent concerns over the increased tensions near the Ukrainian border, the Health Cluster has been working with its partners to complete scenario planning as part of the operational preparedness and response to the ongoing conflict.

The Health Cluster continued to provide support to health partners throughout Ukraine and particularly in the eastern conflict area (ECA). Throughout December and January, the сluster team facilitated three National Coordination Meetings, wrapped up important activities and projects for the preceding year (2021) and set the vision for upcoming year (2022).

The Health Cluster and its partners finalized the Humanitarian Needs analysis (HNO) and Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for 2022. As a result of the extensive analysis and planning processes, in 2022, the Health Cluster aims to reach 1.15 million people in need of health assistance; this will be possible through the implementation of 24 projects with the total requirement of US$35.7 million.

The Health Cluster completed its analysis of COVID-19 ‘5W’ for the preceding year (2021), which included detailed mapping of humanitarian supplies reported jointly by WASH, Protection and Health Cluster partners. In summary, over 715 health facilities in 353 settlements have been supported, of which more than half (407 health facilities) were supported by Health Cluster partners.

The Health Cluster conducted its annual performance assessment exercise against six core Cluster functions, and the accountability to affected populations. In total, 14 organizations responded to the survey (21% response-rate), including ten international NGOs and two UN agencies.

The Health Cluster team conducted a preliminary analysis of gender in health care. The analysis was based on the available secondary data and aimed to identify peculiarities of women, girls, men and boys in health status, health care, and health work participation in the oblasts of Donetska and Luhanska in Ukraine. Conducting further primary data collection (both qualitative and quantitative) is planned in the coming months.

The Health Cluster team updated Public Health Situation Analysis (PHSA) for Donetska & Luhanska oblasts, GCA. Both, an in-depth version (long-form) and an abridged version (short-form) are now available on