Ukraine - Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 4

Situation Report
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Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2001/0081
OCHA Situation Report No. 4
Ukraine - Floods
30 March 2001

General Situation

1. The overall situation is stable with water levels increasing on smaller rivers and a slight decrease on the Tisza River. As a result of the floods, nine persons lost their lives and approximately 5.000 persons are still displaced. The highest priority need, as requested by the Government of Ukraine, remains high-capacity pumps.

2. According to information received from the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergencies and Population Protection from the Consequences of Chernobyl (MoE of Ukraine) and other sources, the situation on 28 March 2001, is as follows:

a) Due to heavy rainfalls at the beginning of March and the annual melting of snow, severe floods hit the western part of Ukraine along all major rivers (12 regions of the Zakarpatian Oblast/Transcarpathian Region). Historical heights of water levels had been exceeded. After a short stabilisation period, as a consequence of intensive rains, water levels started to rise again on 19 March 2001 (as much as 1.2 to 1.8,). As of 28 March 2001, the situation is described as stable with an increase in water levels (up to 60 cm on the smaller rivers in the Trans-Carpathian Region) and a slight decrease (10-12 cm) on the Tisza River.

b) As of 26 March 2001, MoE of Ukraine reports the following figures:

  • 9 fatalities as direct consequences of the flood situation
  • 5,124 persons resettled
  • 3 settlements with a total of 310 buildings flooded
  • 1,732 buildings destroyed
  • 2 settlements without power supply
  • approximately 52.7 km of roads and 3 km of railroad still unpassable.
Request for International Assistance

3. On 21 March 2001, the Ukrainian Government has indicated the need, with highest priority, for high capacity pumps to reduce the water pressure on protective dams, and smaller pumps to evacuate water from basements of flooded buildings, wells, etc. These requirements have been specified as follows:

a) Fifty high capacity pumps for relieving pressure on protective dams, etc. (500+liters/second, up to 20 m head height, pressure: 5 bar (atm), diesel or electric engine (U=380V, three phases, frequency: 50 Hz, 50-60 m pumping sleeve).

b) One hundred fifty pumps for the evacuation of water from basements (head high 5+ m).

c) Other requirements : see OCHA Sitrep No 2 of 12 March 2001

National Response

4. The Government of Ukraine has mobilised 6,519 relief workers, fully equipped, to support the affected population. On 26 March 2001, two helicopters and two fixed-wing airplanes supported the evacuation of patients, transport of medical and food supplies, and survey of the power grid.

International Response

5. In response to the specific request for high capacity pumps, the EADRCC has informed OCHA of the following ongoing operations:

a) Hungary presently supports the relief efforts with a team of 46 persons and 30 pumps (500l/sec each) in the Beregiv and Uzhgorod Regions. The mission duration is foreseen with approximately 10-20 days. Additionally, 39 pumps from Hungary with lower capacity are employed in the stricken regions.

b) The Government of the Netherlands has airlifted five high capacity pumps (500 l/sec each), auxiliary equipment and two experts to Uzhgorod. The last of three C-130 flights arrived on Sunday 25 March 2001 and the team is now operational in the Beregiv Region. The MFA of the Netherlands foresees a mission duration of several weeks.

c) Slovak Republic provides a team with three pumps (300 l/sec in total) and six personnel in the Beregiv Region since 24 Mach 2001.

d) Switzerland is planning to buy six smaller pumps locally and to assist with three mobile laboratories to monitor drinking water safety.

6. Operational Contacts in Ukraine

  • Coordination Center of the Ministry for Emergencies (operating 24 hours):
    Phone +38 044/ 247 3070 or +38 044/ 247 3015 - Fax: +38 044/ 247 3233;

  • Coordination of receipt and distribution of humanitarian assistance by the Commission of Zakarpatian Administration on Humanitarian Assistance (operating 24 hours):
    Phone +38 03 122/ 13247 or +38 03 122/ 33540 - Fax: +38 03 122/ 12557 or +38 03 122/ 13114.
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