Ukraine Emergency: UNHCR operational response and delivery updates, 23 May 2022


Eastern Ukraine remains the centre of hostilities, while airstrikes and missile attacks continue to be reported in multiple oblasts in Ukraine, endangering people's lives and driving humanitarian needs. At the same time, people affected, including those displaced, are starting to seek medium to longer-term solutions to their precarious situations.

UNHCR has continued to expand the scale and reach of programmes, with the aim of delivering assistance and services as close as possible to the place where people are sheltering or have been displaced. UNHCR's response has now reached more than 1 million people with protection services, assistance through cash or essential items, and shelter support to repair or protect their damaged homes from the elements.

UNHCR operates as part of the Inter-agency emergency response and is leading three clusters - Protection Shelter and NFIs (non-food items), and CCCM (Camp Coordination and Camp Management

While providing immediate relief to those fleeing, UNHCR Is also working closely with local and national actors to lay the groundwork for sustainable and durable solutions and ensure that our response is aligned with social programmes thus effectively reinforcing and complementing national systems.

The longer the war continues, the medium to longer-term needs that conflict-affected people, IDPs, and returnees will face to rebuild their lives will similarly rise and require sustained support from the humanitarian and broader international community.