Ukraine Education Cluster Situation Update – Escalation in the East

News and Press Release
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Reports indicate a total of 7 schools have been damaged since the start of the escalation on both sides of the contact line. Two schools have been confirmed damaged in GCA (one in Troykhizbenka, Luhanska GCA; one in Avdiika, Donetska GCA). School #2 In Avdiika that was damaged last night was being used as storage for humanitarian items. Immediate response has commenced for the school damaged in Troykhizbenka, with local authorities and cluster partner. The Education Cluster has unconfirmed reports of at least 5 education facilities damaged in NGCA during last week (school #25 and kindergarten #29 in Makiivka, Donetska NGCA and kindergarten #4 in Bryanka, Luhanska NGCA, schools #19 and #65 in Donetsk city).

A total of at least 18 Schools in GCA and NCGA have been impacted by the recent escalation, either by damages or closure due to proximity to the shelling. Response activities include immediate repair, provision of stationary, backpacks and psycho-social care for students. Approximately 60 school-age children have been relocated outside of Avdiika and most are receiving education in boarding schools at relocation sights, some have access to psycho-social services. Several affected schools, including those in Avdiika, have the option to continue education activities through distance learning modalities. More than 2,600 school children in 13 schools from GCA are impacted from the recent violence.

In Avdiika 7 education facilities (3 schools and 4 kindergartens) remain closed, while two have been re-opened, and will be accessible for all students from the town. As of February 2nd, 3 additional schools in Donetsk GCA have closed due to close proximity to shelling (2 schools in Marinka and one in Krasnogorivka).

In response to the recent escalation in conflict, the Ukraine Education Cluster is providing information updates and coordinating between the co-leads (UNICEF and Save the Children), the local departments of education, and other partners. The cluster is tracking school damages, school closures and immediate education-related needs, and supporting prompt response.