Ukraine + 1 more

Ukraine Crisis - Situation Report #20 (August 11, 2022)



Our Impact

• 3 million beneficiaries

• 122 hospitals, primary health centers, mobile and static medical units supported

• 161,264 WASH and NFI items distributed

• 68,585 health consultations delivered

• 1,288 mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) consultations delivered

• 4,295 beneficiaries reached with cash assistance

Our Footprint

• With a history in the country stretching back to 1999, we have operated continuously in Ukraine since 2014, in response to conflict in the east, providing medical, mental health and protection services, and IPC programs

Ukrainian forces recently have made limited gains in the southwest of the country, in and around the city of Kherson, as well as retaking some villages to the north of the city, disrupting Russian supply lines and destroying ammunition supplies. Russian forces have started to make some gains in the southeast of the country, where they are attempting to expand into the Donetsk oblast after securing the Luhansk oblast at the end of June. There also have been some limited redeployments of Russian forces in an effort to strengthen areas long the central-southern conflict lines, to ensure there will be no Ukrainian gains in and around Kherson. Missile, rocket and artillery attacks by Russian forces continue against Mykolaiv in the southwest and Kharkiv in the eastern-central part of the country, with civilian casualties mounting on a daily basis, and increased attacks by Russians against the towns and villages in the southeast of the country. Russian forces are assembling to the east of Kharkiv, which could indicate a renewed offensive but also could be an effort to ensure that Ukrainian forces cannot counterattack and push toward the border.