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Ukraine - Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #21, Fiscal Year (FY) 2022



4,677 Civilian Deaths Resulting From the Conflict
OHCHR – June 2022   

5.3 MILLION Refugees From Ukraine Recorded Across Europe
UNHCR – June 2022  

7.1 MILLION People Internally Displaced Across Ukraine
IOM – May 2022  

8.7 MILLION People Identified to Receive Humanitarian Assistance in Ukraine
UN – April 2022  

8.8 MILLION People Reached With Humanitarian Assistance in Ukraine
UN – June 2022

• GoRF attacks endanger civilians, restrict relief actors’ access, and drive elevated humanitarian needs in Luhansk.

• A UN-coordinated interagency humanitarian convoy successfully delivers relief assistance to Donetsk’s Kramatorsk and Sloviansk cities on June 20.

• Rising gas, diesel, and petrol prices are adversely affecting humanitarian operations in Ukraine, relief actors report.

• Market availability of food items improves in Ukraine between April and May, though medicine remains difficult to access for many communities.