Ukraine Child Protection Sub-cluster Meeting, 22 July 2022 [EN/UK]


Liliia Kalytiuk, Dnipropetrovsk Regional Center of Social Services At today's meeting, I would like to determine which services in which locations of Dnipropetrovsk regions are provided by our partners, by the NGO's. We will discuss questions and challenges. We will also try to determine the urgent questions regarding the IDPs. Right now we have a question of relocating IDP's from the places of their temporary accommodation at schools, educational institutions, collective residences of universities and colleges. This is the main need for them today and the hardest problem because the start of the new academic year is very soon, so we have to join efforts to help the people to find accommodation for them. Thanks to our international partners who is providing us help, thanks to the donors.

Andriy Petruk, Dnipropetrovsk regional Center for social services for family, youth and children Our service is working throughout the region. We have 86 communities: 66 in the villages, 20 in the towns and 7 in the districts. Everybody knows that in the region 7 territories have been determined by the Ministry of Reintegration as combat zones. We did a poll in these districts. We were polling the families who remain in these regions. This is the families of caretakers, foster families, families with many children. We were asking them about their needs and a lot of them said that they need humanitarian aid, they need food packages, hygiene products, and they need medicine as well.