Ukraine Cash Working Group - Emergency Multi-Purpose Cash Response: Post Distribution Monitoring – Guidance Note, June 2022



To support and facilitate the emergency Multi-Purpose Cash (MPC) rollout, the Ukraine CWG set up thematic task teams (TT) focused on targeting (TT1), transfer mechanisms (TT2), de-duplication and registration (TT3) and monitoring (TT4), during the Cash Working Group (CWG) meeting on March 3, 2022. 18 partners (ACTED, PIN, REACH, NRC, Save the Children, UNICEF, UNHCR, WVI, Mercy Corps, ACF, URSC, WFP, ICRC, FAO, Estonian Refugee Council, Caritas Ukraine, Caritas Switzerland, CORUS Int) expressed their interest in supporting the development of monitoring mechanisms and joined the TT4 with ACTED being proposed to be a TT4 facilitator.

The task team work was supported and guided by the active and experienced partners including those with experience in implementation of MPC in Ukraine and those with valuable global experience. The TT4 members agreed to develop a harmonized Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) tool and methodology to be used for monitoring of the emergency MPC response. The development of the tool was undertaken in coordination with the clusters, which provided their inputs to monitor sectoral outcomes. The tool may be further reviewed and adjusted for the regular MPC response.


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