Ukraine: About flood in Zakarpattya region 05 Mar 2001

Situation Report
Originally published
From The reference of the Information and Analytical Department by state to 9:00 a.m. on March 5, 2001 (BRIEF VERSION)

On the 3rd and 4th of March melted and rainy flood in the territory of Zakarpattya region has happened in consequences of precipitations as sleet and rain (rainfall in several areas made a month standard) and snow thawing. As a result of that an inhabitted localities in 7 regional areas were underflooded. Highest water levels were registered in the water rating station: on Tisa river near Tyachiv town - 632 cm (historical maximum - 726 cm) and near Khust town - 490 cm (historical maximum - 490 cm); on river Borzhava near Shalanki urban village - 844 cm (historical maximum - 890 cm).

By state to 6:00 a.m. on March 5 were underflooded 59 inhabited localities (here and after - i.l.)in seven suffered regional areas (1816 buildings, 5 buildings destroyed, 2041 persons were resettled):

Mizhgirskyi area - 22 i.l. (300 buildings, 1000 villagers were resettled).

Tyachiv area - 7 i.l. (460 buildings, 3 buildings destroyed, 600 persons were resettled). Water overflow over highway "Tyachiv - Rakhiv" (500 m) not far from Bedevlya village.

Khustskyi area - 9 i.l. (299 buildings, 2 buildings destroyed, 43 persons were resettled). In consequences of the mudflow has stoped traffic on the highway "Tyachiv - Dolina" (22 km).

Irshavskyi area - 12 i.l. (520 buildings, 340 persons were resettled).

Vinogradov area - 4 i.l. (190 buildings, 58 persons were resettled). The traffic of railway transport has stoped on the stage Vinogradov-Koroliovo.

Rakhiv area - 1 i.l.(6 buildings). The traffic of railway transport has stoped on the stage Solotvino-Teresva.

Mukachivo area - 4 i.l. (41 buildings).

The forces and means of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine (search and rescue element of the military unit D0180 from Uzhgorod), Zakarpattya joint element of standing readiness and battalion "Tisa" of the MOD of Ukraine, te Regional Water Enterprise (Oblvodgosp), Highway Directorate and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine were involved for relief's providing to population and flood consequences elimination. Total: 994 persons and 205 units of equipment.

The head of Zakarpattya Regional State Administration V.Baloga has leaded the work coordination, in areas - heads of Areal State Administrations.

The Operational team of Ukrainian MOE at the head of the Deputy Minister, Major-General G.Marchenko works for the purpose of relief's providing to suffered regional areas.

The operational staff works around the clock in the Ministry for relief's providing to population and flood consequences elimination.