Ukraine: About the flood in Transcarpathian region 07 Mar 2001

Situation Report
Originally published
From The reference of the Information and Analytical Department by state to 9:00 a.m. on March 7, 2001 (BRIEF VERSION)

Heavy hydrological condition in 12 regional areas remains in the territory of Zakarpattya region as a result of melted and rainy flood and sudden rise of water level. Highest water levels were registered in the water rating station on Tisa river near Chop town - 750 cm (historical maximum - 746 cm), on Latorytsya river near Chop town - 750 cm (historical maximum - 746 cm).

By state to 6:00 a.m. on March 7 in suffered regional areas 191 inhabited localities (i.l.) (12 669 buildings) were underflooded, 38 buildings were destroyed, 11 258 persons were resettled, 92 i.l. de-energized, 75 automatic telephone exchanges out.

There is no thoroughfare on 36 sections of highway in consequences of water overflow, damage and destruction of highway road-bed (by length about 50 km). About 9 km of the railroad bed has damaged. Gas supply has restored in 4 i.l. of Irshava area, 4 i.l. have remain without gas supply. The energy supply reconstruction works, providing temporary connection, works for road's repair, accretion of dams is carrying out. 327 600 ashy sacks has dispatched from different regions of the country for strengthening dams, 116 400 were stacked to dams' body.

The forces and means of the six search and rescue units and Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine, Zakarpattya joint element of standing readiness and battalion "Tisa" of the MOD of Ukraine, the Regional Water Enterprise (Oblvodgosp), Highway Directorate and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine were involved for relief's providing to population and flood consequences elimination. Total: 21 673 persons and 875 units of equipment.

The head of Zakarpattya Regional State Administration V.Baloga has leaded the work coordination, in areas - heads of Areal State Administrations. The coordination of the works carry out the operational staff in the Ministry, in the region - operational team of the MOE at the head of the Deputy Minister G.Marchenko. The Minister V.Durdynets works in Zakarpattya region. 9 i.l. (50 buildings) remains underflooding in the territory of Lviv region (Skoliv area), 2 i.l. has remained without power supply.