Ukraine: 3W Operational Presence - as of 20 January 2016

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In response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine countless volunteers, as well as many international humanitarian actors, including the United Nations system, national and international NGOs, and other international organizations, are engaged in the humanitarian relief effort. In December 2014 the cluster system was activated, with 8 clusters engaging in life-saving activities throughout the country. This 3W (WHO is doing WHAT WHERE) captures the presence of partners currently on the ground in each oblast.

Meanwhile, humanitarian access remains severely constrained. Since the beginning of the crisis, government-imposed bureaucratic restrictions have slowed operations considerably and despite constructive dialogue, heavy requirements are still in place for humanitarian actors to deliver aid close to the 'contact line', including in government-controlled areas and in non-government controlled areas. A major breakdown of humanitarian aid delivery occurred in July 2015, when the de facto authorities of Donetsk and Luhansk imposed equally daunting restrictions and eventually stopped operations until humanitarian organizations get ‘registered’. While some progress has been observed, and a handful of organisations resumed operation, this is insufficient to cater for existing needs.

*This 3W is only a reflection of the operational presence and it is not an indication of whether gaps are being addressed. Needs and gaps analysis is being carried out at cluster level.

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