Ukraine: 2020 Humanitarian Response Plan End-of-year Report (January - December 2020) [EN/UK]


Overview of the response

Communities across Donetska and Luhanska oblasts affected by the armed conflict, especially the elderly, women and children, were hit hard in 2020 by the continuing hostilities, severe wildfires, and the impacts of COVID-19 related restrictions on freedom of movement and livelihoods. Almost two-thirds of the population of the affected region was in need of humanitarian assistance and protection services. Despite several restrictions, including due to COVID-19, humanitarian organizations worked to meet people’s priority needs, guided by four strategic objectives set out in the 2020 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). By the end of the year, some 1.43 million women, men and children were reached with some form of assistance or protection through projects funded through the HRP. This represents a 12 per cent increase compared to 2019 when 1.26 million were assisted.

As in previous years, the distribution of achievements remained uneven across the geographical priorities – relatively high in GCA (about 1.17 million) and low in the NGCA (about 266,000). Nevertheless, the number of people reached in NGCA represents a 77 per cent increase compared to 2019, when fewer than 150,000 people were reached. This uneven distribution of assistance directly correlates with the level of access humanitarians were granted to operate in certain areas. The less restricted the access, the more people reached. For more information on access, please refer to the section “1.2: Impact of the Conflict” of the 2021 Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) available at document/ukraine-2021-humanitarian-needs-overview-hno-enua.

These achievements were made possible in part by the relatively high level of humanitarian funding to Ukraine in 2020 at $209 million – of which $124 million was channeled through the HRP against its $205 million requirement. This was the highest level of funding provided to Ukraine since 2016, when $213 million was received in total. The COVID-19 pandemic and the revision of the 2020 HRP to integrate the COVID-19 response in the conflict-affected part of the country, might have been a significant factor that influenced the increased donors’ support. In addition, the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (UHF) attracted $9 million in new funding to Ukraine, including from non-traditional donors.

For more detailed information on the overall response, please visit Humanitarian Insight website at Sectoral response achievements are outlined in the following section.


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