Technical Note on scale for flare up evaluation

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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Scenario Development based on Current Situation and Lessons Learned from 2 years of Humanitarian Shelter Response in Ukraine

Based on 2 years of humanitarian response in Ukraine, the crisis’s protracted nature requires the Shelter/NFI Cluster to coordinate two scenarios in GCA and NGCA while partners work to respond to existing needs, while these needs continue to grow at a normal pace. However, escalations of fighting can require extra resources of cluster partners.

From the end of January to February 2017, the Shelter/NFI Cluster has experienced an uptick in the number of damages reported which is 10% higher than the normal damages that the Cluster receives on a daily basis. Moreover, due to an escalation in insecurity, roughly 183 people over a period of 3 days sought temporary accommodation in 5-7 cities in Donetsk Oblast.