A situation assessment of assistive technology in Ukraine



This publication summarizes the situation of the assistive technology system in Ukraine, as at September 2020, and the findings of a household survey on assistive technology conducted in April–June 2021. It outlines key achievements, needs and opportunities for intervention in the field of assistive technology. The situational analysis was conducted under the leadership of the Ministry of Social Policy, with technical support from the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the WHO Country Office in Ukraine. It was undertaken in collaboration with different Government ministries and State agencies, development partners, United Nations agencies, professional associations, disabled people’s organizations and rehabilitation users. It adopted an evidence-based approach, responsive to the unique social, cultural, economic and political circumstances in the country. The content of this document is a snapshot in time – not an in-depth analysis of the entire assistive technology sector. The analysis focuses on assistive technology policy and governance, service provision, financing, information management and human resources, with the aim of improving access to high-quality assistive technology in Ukraine.