Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessment: Analysis of Crisis Impacts and Needs in Eastern Ukraine

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This Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessment (RPA) report for Eastern Ukraine is a collabora­tive product authored jointly by staff of the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN), and the World Bank Group (WBG). Acknowledging the institutions’ different mandates and areas of expertise, the findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in the RPA do not necessarily constitute the views or formal recommendations of the EU, UN, or WBG on all issues, nor do they reflect the views of the governing bodies of these institutions or their member states. It is also recognized that due to different mandates not all activities set forth or proposed in the report will be shared by or engaged in by all the collaborating institutions, and it is further understood that each institution will carry out or be engaged with any such activities in accordance with its mandate, and operational policies and procedures.