OSCE SMM Spot Report 22/2021: The SMM resumes patrolling from its Forward Patrol Base in Horlivka

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On 18 October, at 15:40, the SMM saw that the previously observed padlock and chain (see SMM Spot Report 20/2021 of 17 October 2021) had been removed from the vehicle gates of its Forward Patrol Base (FPB) in Horlivka (non-government-controlled, 39km north-east of Donetsk), and that the gates were open. In front of the FPB, the Mission observed a previously installed tent, but saw no people or vehicles nearby. The SMM left its FPB to conduct a patrol, and returned at 16:03.

The OSCE Permanent Council Decision No. 1117 specifies that the SMM shall have safe and secure access throughout Ukraine. Unrestricted and unconditional access to all areas is essential to ensure effective monitoring and reporting of the security situation, as well as other mandated tasks. The mandate also tasks the Mission to report on any restrictions of its freedom of movement or other impediments to fulfilment of its mandate.