IFRC: Floods in Western Ukraine

News and Press Release
Originally published
From Federation News #07/01
Heavy rains and melting snow have caused rivers to overflow and dikes to burst around the Carpathian Mountains. The River Tisza broke through its dams at the village of Palad, on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border and a flood alert was issued. According to local authorities more than 11,000 people had been evacuated from Ukraine's Zakarpattia region by mid-March. Three people were killed, nearly 13,000 houses flooded and 73 villages left without electricity. The flooding is worsening every day as warmer weather continues.

The local Red Cross branch has been assisting the floods victims since the start of the disaster. Several soup kitchens are providing hot meals at the evacuating points; 100 food parcels, 300 individual medical and 288 hygiene parcels have already been distributed as well as blankets.