HRP 2022: A gender and protection lens for all actors [EN/UK]

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The IASC Guidance on the Centrality of Protection affirms that protection is at the heart of humanitarian response and it has been widely acknowledged that Ukraine is a protection-driven crisis, including by the HC and the HCT. In 2022, the Strategic objectives focus on responding to protection needs and strengthening protection, focusing specifically on protection of civilians and infrastructure, community-based protection (empowerment and mobilization) improvement of access to social protection and services, documentation, HLP rights, advocating for freedom of movement across the contact line, preventing and mitigating physical harm and risks related to landmine and ERW and promoting durable solutions for IDPs living in GCA. In order to ensure the centrality of protection, a ‘Protection Lens' is used in the HRP process, so that protection is integrated into all programming. This is in addition to the IASC ‘Gender and Age Marker’, which is required for all programming and mandatory in the Project Module.