Ukraine + 4 more

Helping women, children, and the most vulnerable rebuild their lives

In the six months since the escalation of the war in Ukraine, our supporters have helped CARE reach more than 416,000 people in the region with emergency food, hygiene kits, temporary shelter, evacuation support, cash assistance, psychological support and so much more. Here are some of the ways your support is reaching Ukrainians:

Health services and support for women

In Poland, CARE and our partners are helping Ukrainian women find:

  • pre- and post-natal care,
  • psychological support,
  • hotline and legal services in Ukrainian and Russian for victims of gender-based violence,
  • childbirth classes and support groups for mothers of young children.

Summer activities for Ukrainian children

CARE’s Summer in the City program in Poland will provide workshops and recreational activities to engage Ukrainian children while on school holidays. 

  • These activities help integrate Ukrainian kids into Polish society.
  • They also provide childcare for Ukrainian families who have found work.

Cash assistance for the most vulnerable refugees

Cash assistance allows families to meet their unique needs. CARE and our partners are ensuring the most vulnerable refugees receive cash assistance, including:

  • the elderly,
  • people with Special Needs,
  • women with young children.

Working with our dedicated partners in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, CARE has already reached:

  • 380,932 people in Ukraine
  • 27,902 people in Poland
  • 6,000 people in Romania & Moldova
  • 2,080 people in Georgia
  • women with young children.

Whilst images of fleeing refugees crossing borders may be decreasing in the news, the situation is no less dire. Reports are surfacing that many still inside Ukraine are facing extreme hunger. Their risk of sexual exploitation and abuse is increasing as a result of the increased cost of living and diminishing temporary housing opportunities.

The war has also caused a global hunger crisis because 29 per cent of the world’s wheat is normally exported from Ukraine and Russia. This has impacted countries as far as Somalia and Guatemala. By the end of this year, 47 million more people are expected to be facing extreme hunger.

World Humanitarian Day was 19 August and this year’s theme was “It takes a village”. Never has that expression been more true of the entire world than these past few years. Thank you for being part of that global village and for your commitment to supporting women and saving lives.

Visit our Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal for more information on the situation in Ukraine.