Guidance note on the operational implementation of complementary food assistance packages for the feeding of children aged 6 months to 2 years in the context of the Ukraine crisis (July 2022)


Executive summary

In the current context of the Ukraine crisis, organisations may wish to support the appropriate feeding of children 6 months to 2 years, to support their nutrient needs for health, growth and development. In this regard, the Ukraine nutrition cluster advises two modalities for assistance: (i) cash-based assistance; (ii) in-kind assistance.

(i) The recommended, average, indicative value for a monthly cash transfer to support the needs of children aged 0-23 months is estimated at $55 USD. The Nutrition Cluster will undertake regular monitoring of complementary food prices and availability, in order to update the costing of the complementary food basket on a quarterly basis.

(ii) The recommended, in-kind, monthly food basket to support the appropriate feeding of children aged 6-23 months consists of the following commodities: fortified cereal (either commercially available or provided by WFP), cereals (for 12-23 months), meat, vegetables and fruit.

Further details on the calculation of the cash transfer and the composition and quantities of the in-kind baskets are provided in this guidance note.