Government establishes humanitarian coordination structures

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On 5 February, the GoU Deputy Prime-Minister (DPM) chaired a meeting with other ministries, humanitarian partners and donors to discuss current issues of concern for humanitarian operations.

The DPM stressed that peacetime regulations are inappropriate and that a different approach is warranted to facilitate humanitarian operations. He stressed that a countrywide approach to the provision of humanitarian assistance is warranted, as IDPs are everywhere. Nonetheless, different approaches are required in the non-government controlled areas, and in areas with a highest number of IDPs and other parts of the country.

The DPM established a two-tier coordination setup (policy and day-to-day operations) between the Government and the humanitarian community, and requested that the government security apparatus support the development of a simplified system for humanitarian agencies and cargoes to access NGCAs; and for financial authorities to find solutions to remove the taxation on humanitarian aid. Humanitarian agencies advocated for a full waiver of regulations and laws which create bureaucratic hurdles to the much needed delivery of humanitarian aid.