Generic GBViE Referral Pathway in Ukraine - August 2022 [EN/UK]


GBV has severe physical, psychological and social consequences that often require information and care from multiple service providers. A referral is a process that safely and confidentially links GBV survivors and women and girls at risk of experiencing GBV to supportive services such as GBV case management, healthcare, psychosocial support, safety/security services, legal assistance, and economic support.

This referral pathway describes the process, principles and contacts for GBV specialists to make referrals to other essential services for GBV survivors. Specialized GBV actors included in this referral pathway commit to upholding GBV guiding principles, including the survivor-centered approach and have the capacity to make and receive referrals of survivors and provide quality services in accordance with the GBV Minimum Standards.

Non-GBV frontline workers are encouraged to refer survivors to GBV case management organizations, GBV national Hotlines and/or GBV Psychosocial Mobile Teams (PSS MTs) identified by the GBV SC as a first point of entry. Detailed information on steps to safely handle a disclosure and refer survivors is available in the Pocket Guide, and key elements are summarized at the end of this document.