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Foreign Ministry sends first aid to bombing victims in Ukraine

Yesterday 21 April, a Foreign Ministry humanitarian aid shipment for bombing victims departed for Ukraine. The shipment is worth €200 000.

„Russia’s war in Ukraine, which is in its second month now, has caused enormous human suffering and sadly the humanitarian crisis is deteriorating with each day. This is why it is crucial that the necessary aid reaches the people of Ukraine who have to make do without essentials amidst the horrors of war. Our humanitarian aid headquarters are committed to their work and responding to Ukraine’s greatest needs in food aid, healthcare and temporary shelter,” Foreign Minister Liimets said.

The Foreign Ministry’s first aid shipment mostly includes cooling gels, splints and bandages for victims of bombing. The shipment also has 18 patient monitors, 6 ventilators, a portable ultrasound machine and mobile phlebotomy beds and equipment for providing first aid on the ground.

The shipment has been assembled in cooperation with the Estonian Health Board, West Tallinn Central Hospital and Pärnu Blood Centre. The Environmental Board and Rescue Board also donated protective equipment and radiation detectors.

State company Omniva helped with storage, packaging and transport, and thanks to this cooperation, a third truck with humanitarian aid from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs departed yesterday. “Immediately after the war broke out, we offered several agencies and organisations our assistance with transport to Ukraine because we have long-standing experience and skills in logistics. People are eager to help and Omniva has organised the transport of a total of 34 trucks with humanitarian aid to Ukraine,” Omniva Board Member Kristi Unt said.

Foreign Minister Liimets thanked all the people, NGOs, state agencies and companies of Estonia who have offered extraordinary support to Ukraine and donated more than €15 million in total for humanitarian aid.