Floods in Northern Hungary and Transcarpathia (Ukraine)

Situation Report
Originally published
Northern Hungary: Due to the heavy rain earlier this week Hungary's second largest river and its tributaries have been hit by the most serious floods this century.
The Hungarian Government has declared a state of emergency in the watershed areas of the Tisza river where heavy rains have caused fast rising water levels (from 90 cm to 6 meters).

For two days, local people, the army and civil defense units have been working on building dikes along the river. The most endangered villages are Tiszabecs, Tiszacsécse and Tiszakórod. Elderly persons and children have already been evacuated from these villages to Sonkád and Kölcse, and are currently staying in local schools and congregation halls.

As the flood moves downstream and reaches the villages of Nagyar and Kisar, a further 1,800 kms of the river's bank will be endangered by the floods. In these areas about 53,000 people will have to be evacuated if the banks burst during the coming days.

The Protestant churches, especially the Reformed Church in Hungary, which has the largest following in the region, has requested ACT member Hungarian Interchurch Aid to provide assistance to the victims of the flood affected areas.

Transcarpathia: The situation in Transcarpathia in the upper part of the river Tisza is currently also very dangerous. A total of 110 villages in Transcarpathia are under water. 3,200 people have already been evacuated in the Beregszász region and are currently staying in hospitals and congregation premises. The city of Munkács and Ungvár are blocked by the water, and there is no bread in the towns.

According to reports from UNHCR Kyiv, the situation in the region is critical. Both the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia and UNHCR Kyiv has requested HIA to assist people in the flood affected areas.

HIA has issued a domestic appeal for assisting the flood victims and has at the same time established an emergency team for the flood affected regions. It has also established a provisional fund of one million Forints (US$4,600) to help the flood victims.

The ACT Co-ordinating office is at present awaiting information about further developments and may or may not issue an appeal in the near future.

For further information please contact:

ACT Co-ordinator, Miriam Lutz (Mobile phone ++ 41 79 203 6055)
Act Appeals Officer, Dirk Van Gorp (phone +41 791 60 40)