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First Annual Progress Report: Multi-Year, Multi-Partner Protection and Solutions Strategy for Ukraine 2018 - 2022

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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In line with the Grand Bargain commitment of progressing towards a ‘collaborative humanitarian multi-year planning and funding’, in 2017 UNHCR has globally launched a Multi-Year, Multi-Partner (MYMP) approach to strategic planning for protection and solutions in 22 operations. In 2018, UNHCR Ukraine joined those pilot countries and launched its own MYMP strategy. The MYMP of UNHCR Ukraine was developed through extensive consultations with a variety of partners, including other UN agencies, donors, NGOs, civil society and, most importantly, the Ukrainian authorities. UNHCR Ukraine’s MYMP period (2018 to 2022) is synchronized with the cycle of “the Government of Ukraine – United Nations Partnership Framework” in recognition of the value of pursuing a joined-up approach among humanitarian and development actors in the context of the persistent conflict affecting eastern Ukraine, as well as the goal of achieving protection and durable solutions for internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees and stateless persons throughout the country.

This report presents the achievements of the MYMP in 2018, the first year of UNHCR Ukraine’s five-year strategy for engagement in Ukraine.

In early 2019, UNHCR analyzed the results of its first year of implementation of the strategy in parallel with the preparation of its Country Operations Plan for 2020, during which consultations were held with a range of stakeholders on how the Multi-Year, Multi-Partner Strategy should be fine-tuned in light of these results and updated assumptions. UNHCR facilitated discussion with 31 stakeholders in a series of small-group discussions with non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, government entities, international organizations (including development agencies), and donors. In parallel, UNHCR conducted a participatory assessment with a thematic focus on durable solutions and feedback mechanisms, with the following stakeholders and persons of concern consulted throughout Ukraine:

184 Refugees and asylum seekers

86 Stateless persons or those at risk of statelessness

520 Internally displaced and conflict-affected persons*

* including men, women, youth, as well as members of the Roma community and persons with specific needs (e.g., persons with disabilities, persons living with HIV)

The following chapters will summarize these findings and UNHCR Ukraine’s progress in implementing its MYMP strategy. The document will also present UNHCR Ukraine’s plans to adjust implementation in 2020 in light of the inputs received from stakeholders.