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Europe: Extreme Winter Conditions - Information Bulletin n° 1

Situation Report
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In the last days, an extreme cold wave has gripped countries in Central and Eastern Europe with wind, heavy snow and Siberia‐style temperatures, in some areas as low as ‐30 C, which have so far claimed over 130 lives by hypothermia and frostbite, caused power outages, traffic chaos and seen the closure of schools and nurseries in parts of Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Russia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia‐Herzegovina and Italy. Since the very first hours after the temperatures plunged below zero degrees, the National Red Cross Societies have been assisting the most vulnerable people by setting up heated tents at the affected premises to provide makeshift accommodation and dispense hot food and drinks, by distributing blankets and warm clothes, and by providing direct assistance to local reception centres for elderly and homeless people.