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Emergency in Ukraine: External Situation Report #14, published 2 June 2022


Key updates

• Between 13 March and 30 May Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) in Ukraine responded to 3983 health events, of which 16% were infectious diseases and 11% were trauma-related. Among infectious diseases, 87% were acute respiratory infections.

• During the Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly, 88 Member States supported the resolution “Health emergency in Ukraine and refugee receiving and hosting countries, stemming from the Russian Federation’s aggression.” Among other issues, the resolution brought attention to the direct and indirect health impacts in Ukraine, in the region and beyond, condemned attacks on health care and urged the Russian Federation to immediately cease any attacks on hospitals and other health-care facilities. For more information, click here.

• As documented by WHO’s Surveillance System for Attacks on Health Care, attacks on health care (including those against health facilities, transport, personnel, patients, supplies and warehouses) continue to be reported, with 269 attacks on health care, resulting in 59 injuries and 76 deaths, reported between 24 February and 1 June These attacks deprive people of urgently needed care, endanger health-care providers, and undermine health systems.

• To support the country’s recovery and reconstruction process led by the Government of Ukraine, with national and international partners, WHO has prepared a policy note outlining strategic directions for health system recovery in the short and longer term, while sustaining essential health services during the ongoing conflict. The policy note identifies five principles, or tenets, that may be used as criteria to assess potential investments in health system recovery in Ukraine, aimed at transforming the system to enable optimal delivery of quality individual and public health services to the population, rather than merely rebuilding what was destroyed by the war. For more information, click here.