EASO Ukraine FFM report – Healthcare reform and economic accessibility: Medical Country of Origin Information Report, February 2021

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Ukraine: EASO publishes report on national healthcare system as it applies to asylum applicants

The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) has published a new Medical Country of Origin Information (MedCOI) report on Ukraine. The report, written by EASO, is the result of a Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) to Ukraine in early 2020. MedCOI reports help national asylum officials in verifying the healthcare situation in specific countries of origin, in order to aid in the assessment of applications made on medical grounds.

Different interlocutors were interviewed to get multiple viewpoints on the topics included in the report. These included representatives from governmental ministries, NGOs, public and private healthcare facilities, as well as international organisations.

The report is divided into five main chapters, covering:

  • The reform of, and general information on, the healthcare system;
  • The National Health Insurance Services (NHSU) of Ukraine and health insurance aspects;
  • Out of pocket payments;
  • The pharmaceutical sector; and
  • The accessibility for specific groups, such as discriminated groups; IDPs and the population in the non-government-controlled areas of Ukraine; patients with mental health disorders, patients with HIV/AIDS, patients with Tuberculosis (TB), patients with oncologic diseases, and paediatric patients.

This report was drafted by EASO and reviewed by experts of the following organisations: Belgian Desk on Accessibility (BDA), Country of Origin Information Division, Office for Foreigners, Poland, and COI Information Desk, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, Germany.