DRC Legal Alert Special: IDP integration and middle-term solution strategy 2024 – Issue 69, November 2021 [EN/UK]

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Cabinet Adopts IDP Integration Strategy

On 28 October 2021, the Cabinet issued Decree No. 1364-p, adopting IDP Integration and Middle-Term Solution Strategy 2024 and the Operational Plan. The previous strategy, adopted in November 2017, expired in 2020.
The Strategy is centered around six strategic aims with the outlined challenges, key tasks, and implementation indicators (specified in the table below). Apart from these aims, the Strategy provides the following guidelines and directions:

 On State Integration Policy: The Strategy reflects the Integration Policy of the State. All responses of the State shall flow from the Policy, as opposed to ad-hoc responses, which had been the case previously;

 IDP Integration Priorities: For the nearest future, priority in IDP Integration Policy must lie in the field of mid-term solutions, aimed at solving challenges in IDP housing, employment, social protection, access to education, healthcare, documentation, and IDP participation in local decision-making;

 Funding: Funding for the Strategy shall come from local and central budgets as well as international donor assistance. Balance must be maintained between humanitarian and recovery/development dimensions while allocating funding.

The Operational Plan is built around six Strategy aims outlined below. The document specifies particular action points on each of the strategic aims, responsible stakeholders, implementation timeframe, and expected results. The Plan also provides guidelines and suggestions on funding for each action point – however, it is mostly unspecified, with a few exceptions for actions planned for 2021.