DRC Legal Alert: Issue 67, August 2021 [EN/UK]

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Cabinet Registers Draft Law on State Policy for the Transition Period at the Parliament

On 4 August 2021, the Cabinet approved the Draft Law On State Policy for the Transition Period and registered it at the Parliament as Draft Law No. 5844 on 9 August 2021. The Draft is developed on the requirements of the Cabinet Priority Action Plan for 2021 and Decision of the National Security and Defence Council on Peaceful Settlement Process Revitalisation.

The 28-page-long document proposes to systemise conflict-related legislation, unifies regulative approach towards NGCA and Crimea, provides a list of state interventions in social, economic, military, security, informational, cultural, administrative, and developmental domains which are specified for two separate action regimes: de-occupation (until the re-establishment of the governmental control within particular area) and reintegration (after the control re-establishment). The Draft Law also introduces the basic provisions on peacebuilding, special economic and taxation regimes, transitional justice, and convalidation, which will be further outlined under separate laws envisioned by the Draft Law.

The Draft Law is still to be reviewed by the focal Parliamentary Committee before it can be presented for the initial hearing at the parliamentary plenary session. Meanwhile, the Draft is proposed for the independent review of the European Commission for Democracy Through Law (i.e., the Venice Commission), which is expected to be delivered by 15 October 2021.

Further overview of the Draft Law will be provided in the upcoming Special Legal Alert.