Donetsk Oblast Center for HIV Prophylaxis and Control (GCA) Laboratory Assessment Report (November 2020)

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With the recent increase spike of COVID 19 cases in Ukraine conflict affected zones, impact on overwhelming of laboratories and testing facilities in Donetsk Oblast (Government Controlled Areas) is more and more concerning. A rapid assessment is urgently needed to assess the functionality of the laboratories, also in terms of quality of the work, to identify strengths and gaps and develop a plan of action. The assessment was carried on by WHO experts under the coordination of Health Cluster based on existing and pre-validated tools.

Objective of the assessment

This report is focused on the analysis of the current state of Donetsk Oblast Center for HIV Prophylaxis and Control (GCA). It is the part of rapid assessment, which designated COVID-19 laboratories aims to assess: structure, equipment, quality of the work, HR and training needs, existing plans and protocols, gaps and major areas that require investment and response. The purpose is to produce an evidence-based plan of action.