Direct Relief Continuing Support to Ukraine as Crisis Escalates

Medical aid arrived in country last week and will continue as needs are made known.

By Tony Morain

In response to the unfolding crisis in Ukraine, Direct Relief has extended offers of humanitarian support to several healthcare organizations in the country.

Early Thursday morning, explosions were reported in multiple cities across Ukraine, including Kyiv. Direct Relief staff in Europe reported Thursday that air travel into Ukraine had been suspended indefinitely and that thousands of people fleeing Ukraine had crossed into the neighboring countries of Moldova and Poland seeking refuge.

Among the items available in Direct Relief’s inventory are IV fluids, antibiotics, medications for anesthesia, sutures, and cardiovascular drugs, among others.

As recently as last week, a large Direct Relief shipment of diabetes supplies arrived in the country.

Since January 2021, Direct Relief has supplied Ukrainian healthcare providers with more than $27 million in medical aid.

Direct Relief will continue monitoring the crisis and will share more information as the situation evolves.