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Developments at the Ukrainian border: Briefing note on protection at border crossing points along the Ukrainian border with EU countries and Moldova, 6 April 2022


3.9 million refugees fleeing Ukraine through the Ukrainian border with EU and Moldova

21,000 people returning to Ukraine in one day, from the Ukrainian border with EU and Moldova, a daily peak reached on 2 April 2022 since the beginning of the emergency

Movements from Ukraine

With a total of 3,926,916 people leaving Ukraine between February 24 to April 4, the western border of Ukraine with EU countries and Moldova has been a critical passage to safety for civilians fleeing insecurity in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. The movements recorded at this segment of the border represent about 93% of the departures from Ukraine since February 24, while smaller numbers of movements have been recorded into the Russian Federation (350,632 individuals) and into Belarus (15,281 individuals). The border with Poland recorded the highest number of movements with a total of 2,469,657 individuals crossing during the period. At the Ukrainian-Polish border, the peak of daily movements was observed on 7 March, with 146,000 crossing into Poland in one day. Since then, daily movements have decreased considerably, with 21,000 people crossing into Poland on 1 April 2022, a decrease of 86 percent. As of 5 April, 40,532 Ukrainians have moved across the border from Moldova into Ukraine.