CWS/ACT appeal : Ukraine flood relief (#976309)

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34 Denominations & Communions Working Together to Meet Human Needs
(In support of Revised ACT Appeal #EUUK81, Western Ukraine/Transcarpathia Flood Relief for $852,850)

SITUATION: Due to exceptionally heavy rains during September and October, a large number of densely populated areas in the Transcarpathian province of western Ukraine are now facing a critical flood situation. A total of 24,300 persons have been evacuated from their homes, 46 settlements have been without electricity, 487 bridges severely damaged or destroyed and 382 kilometers of road have been under water.

RESPONSE: At the request of the Protestant Churches in Hungary, Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) has been monitoring the flood disaster and assessing the emergency needs in the flood-affected region of Transcarpathia. An HIA disaster response team is in the region, working cooperatively with local municipalities and church congregations in the affected region and has provided some initial food assistance in the area.

HIA has requested support from the Action by Churches (ACT) International network for immediate assistance to flood survivors, including food and health kits, as well as rehabilitation projects for flood damaged homes and community structures.

Support will include food assistance and health kits to 3,000 persons, and reconstruction and rehabilitation of six community buildings as temporary shelters for flood survivors. Also included will be educational support for 500 evacuated children; water purification projects, medical assistance; and some relief assistance for flood-affected areas downstream in Hungary. The program is expected to be completed by mid-March 1998.

The Protestant churches in Hungary have requested HIA to work as the regional co-ordinator for this emergency.

APPEAL BUDGET: Food, hygiene kits, medical, primary education support, building rehabilitation, generators, dehumidifiers, potable water: $852,850.

CWS RESPONSE: CWS is supporting this appeal and is seeking $30,000 in denominational support to assist HIA's program.

HOW TO HELP: CWS will channel funds to ACT. Please send contributions to CWS/ERO in New York and designate to CWS/ACT Appeal, Ukraine Flood Relief (#976309). Those wanting more information on this ACT appeal, including complete budget information, should contact the CWS Emergency Response Office. Or visit the ACT Web Site at

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