Crossing the Line of Contact, October 2019 Snapshot [EN/UK]

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The movement across the contact line at Stanytsia Luhanska EECP* was suspended on October 11 around 12:00 due to a bomb threat call. Police and SES staff immediately evacuated civilians from the EECP, its service zones and the objects listed in the call. No explosive objects were found in the thorough inspection. The EECP resumed operation after 15:00.

On October 28 the CMU Resolution №815 was postponed for 30 days due to the concerns it raised among civilians and humanitarian actors. According to the Resolution, children under the age of 14 must have international passports to cross the contact line.

Individuals applying to the CG representative at Marinka EECP complained that they applied for a permit in early summer, however their permits cannot be found in SBGS data base. It was reported that an error occurred in a file, damaging the data for June and July, so some of these permits are not displayed in SBGS data base. Such people have to re-apply to the CG representatives.

The disaggregation of concerns expressed by respondents remained the same, however the share of respondents who did not indicate any concerns sharply increased at all EECPs except Novotroitske.

On October 17 the second electric vehicle launched by UNHCR partner Proliska started providing free transportation services between the “zero” checkpoints at “Stanytsia Luhanska” EECP for the most vulnerable categories of people. In the reporting period 18,214 beneficiaries received transportation support. Out of them 94% are elderly persons with impaired mobility or disability, 3% - persons with children under 3 years old, 2% and 1% accompanying persons with disabilities and pregnant women respectively.