Crossing the Contact Line October 2020 Snapshot [EN/UK]

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  • During the month, crossing the contact line remained possible only through two EECPs, at a level considerably below the preCOVID period. The number of people crossing the contact line decreased in October compared to September by ≈77 percantage points due to the closing of Stanytsia Luhanska EECP: ≈20,000 and 86,000 respectively.

  • From 30 September to 4 October, the passage of people was temporarily suspended at Stanytsia Luhanska EECP in Luhanska Oblast due to large-scale fires in the vicinity. As a result of the fire on the EECP on 30 September and 1 October, the first-aid point and the waiting area were partially damaged. All beneficiaries waiting to cross the contact line were safely evacuated.

  • On 13 October, the JFO HQ announced that they would temporarily close Stanytsia Luhanska EECP between 16 and 31 October due to the increasing prevalence of COVID-19 in Luhanska oblast. From the moment of closing Stanytsia Luhanska EECP until the end of October, only about 200 people have received JFO HQ permission to cross the contact line to NGCA.

  • The day after the closing of Stanytsia Luhanska EECP, people who came to cross the contact line to NGCA gathered there: in many cases, people claimed that they were uninformed about the closure of EECP. Some people stayed overnight at EECP, waiting the opportunity to cross the contact line to NGCA, they were not provided with accommodation. Also, there were a lot of older people of age above the 80 years.
    On 28 October, the JFO HQ announced that the closure of Stanytsia Luhanska EECP will continue until 15 November.

  • In the period between 5 to 15 October, 3,574 vulnerable elderly persons were provided with transport support at Stanytsia Luhanska EECP by NGO Proliska e-vehicle.