Crossing the Contact Line, July 2020 Snapshot [EN/UK]

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By the end of July, three out of four EECPs in Donetsk oblast remain closed. Novotroitske EECP resumes work in some exceptions. In July, there were 7 so-called “corridors” at Novotroitske EECP according to pre-agreed lists.

In total 1,194 people crossed the contact line to GCA and 1,017 people to NGCA in Donetsk oblast. In order to get the permission to cross from or to the NGCA side, one needs to get into a certain list with a complex procedure for submitting documents. In addition, people who managed to cross to GCA are required to sign a document at the NGCA checkpoint on non-return to the NGCA side until the end of the quarantine there (according to people who managed to cross through Novotroitske EECP to GCA).

Meanwhile, in total 12,560 people crossed the contact line to GCA and 10,274 people to NGCA at Stanytsia Luhanska in Luhansk oblast in July, since at this EECP, the rules for crossing are less complicated. By the end of July, at Stanytsia Luhanska EECP de-facto authorities allowed to enter only with NGCA residence registration in Luhansk oblast. Those people who have no confirmation of NGCA residence registration need either an approval for entry from de-facto authorities of NGCA, or any confirmation of their permanent residence in NGCA. Thus, since 23 July, every day up to 10 persons have stayed for one night under a shed in the neutral area: they were not allowed to return home to the NGCA by de-facto authorities, as people had no confirmation of their residence registration in NGCA. Later, some of them managed to provide certificates form a house maintenance company confirming their NGCA residence.

Participation in the EIT remains problematic for NGCA residents due to the complicated crossing procedure at EECPs. The law adopted on 3 July seeks to improve the situation: children from NGCA will be able to apply to all Ukrainian universities without passing EIT. Thus, since 17 July at Stanytsia Luhanska EECP over 40 children crossed the contact line for entering to the university by educational programs Donbass – Ukraine and Crimea – Ukraine. And, during July, about 200 – to take External Independent Testing.

In June, electric vehicle services was resumed. During July, 12,715 vulnerable elderly persons were provided with transport support at Stanytsia Luhanska EECP by NGO Proliska e-vehicle.