The Cost of Inaction (as of August 2021) [EN/UK]



The humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine remains dire. More than seven years after the start of armed conflict in the east of the country, people continue to fear for their lives as shelling and the deployment of explosive devices and mines continue. While a comprehensive political solution to the conflict is not yet in sight, Ukrainian families in the east confront a lack of livelihood opportunities, economic shutdowns, restrictions on movement and the COVID-19 crisis. People’s access to basic services has also been severely hindered as a result of hostilities, COVID-19-related movement restrictions and cumulative effects of years of armed conflict. The resilience of communities on both sides of the “contact line”, dividing eastern Ukraine into areas under (GCA) and beyond Government control (NGCA), has been worn thin, leading to greater reliance on humanitarian assistance


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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