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Cash coordination in response to the Ukraine emergency

Amidst the Ukraine emergency, don’t forget to coordinate with national Cash Working Groups

The unfolding crisis in Ukraine has created the latest large-scale regional emergency, with escalating casualties and over one million refugees. The humanitarian response is expected to be massive, with cash identified as a key tool to meet the diverse needs of the affected population, both within Ukraine and in neighbouring countries hosting refugees.

If your organisation is delivering cash and vouchers in Ukraine – or in any other emergency around the world – please be in touch with cash working groups to make the best use of expertise and common approaches. Cash Working Group contacts and the website can be found on CALP’s website, including those for Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Moldova, and will continue to be updated regularly.

The Ukraine CWG is meeting on a weekly basis and sub-groups have been formed to further develop common approaches on registration, targeting, de-duplication, and monitoring – please see the CWG website. Regular meetings in neighbouring countries are also planned and UNHCR has established a refugee portal to share information.