Cash Assistance Factsheet | Government-controlled areas within 5 km of the line of contact - Ukraine, February 2018

from REACH Initiative
Published on 28 Feb 2018 View Original


With the conflict in Eastern Ukraine in its fifth year, humanitarian actors continue to seek ways to address the humanitarian needs of populations living near the line of contact, which marks the divide between areas controlled by the Ukrainian government (GCA) and areas outside of Ukrainian government control (NGCA). Multi- purpose cash assistance is one such modality being explored by various aid actors.

In February 2018 REACH conducted a household survey of the region near the line of contact in the GCA to better understand the effects of seasonality on humanitarian need. As part of this survey, REACH collected relevant data for actors wishing to design such multi-purpose cash interventions, particularly regarding household income and spending, access to humanitarian aid, preferred future modes of delivery, as well as current modes of delivery for other types of financial support such as pensions.

Paired with data from market monitoring conducted by REACH partners through the ACCESS Consortium, the goal of this factsheet is to assist in the programme design of humanitarian actors that are either currently engaged in cash assistance or planning cash assistance interventions.