Attacks on Education in Ukraine, Situation Report, as of 4 May 2020

Situation Report
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During 2020, the Ukraine Education Cluster has received reports regarding 9 conflict-related incidents resulting in physical damages to school infrastructure, 5 education facilities that have been temporarily closed, 4 incidents resulting in the threat of death or injuries to students, teachers and parents. Five reported cases of school damage is the highest number of such incidences within one month since July 2019 and brings the total number of incidents resulting in damages to schools to 104 during 2017-2020.

According to the available information in the period during April 13 - May 4 2020 four new cases when schools were damaged as a result of hostilities were reported. On April 22 School in Oleksandrivka Donetska NGCA sustained collateral damage (glazing) due to an exchange of recoilless gun fire. On April 25 School #116 Donetsk city was damaged as a result of shelling (the incident is under verification). On April 28 School in Zolote 5 Luhanska NGCA 8 plastic windows, 8 wooden windows and 16 double-glazed windows were damaged as a result of shelling. The interior rooms got damaged as well (plafonds, light bulbs, doors), the front door of the fourth block was skewed, rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors, including computer classroom were damaged. On April 30 School in Zolote 4, Luhanksa GCA 2 windows were shattered with shrapnel.

Since the beginning of the conflict in 2014 over 750 education facilities have been damaged and many more experienced disruptions to education. The Ukraine Education Cluster estimates that over 700,000 children and teachers in more than 3,500 education facilities in eastern Ukraine are affected by the hostilities and in need of humanitarian assistance. More than 400,000 children experience the direct impact of the conflict as they live, play and go to school within the 20-km on both sides of the “contact line”, where shelling and extreme levels of mine contamination threaten their lives and wellbeing.