Access to pensions for conflict affected persons and IDPs in Ukraine - Facts and Solutions [EN/UK]

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In Ukraine, the access to pensions is linked to registration as internally displaced person (IDP).
Special procedure is applicable to IDPs creating “an artificial IDP status".

There is no mechanism for the residents of the non-government-controlled areas (NGCA) to exercise their right to pension, so they are forced “to imitate” internal displacement, to cross the contact line to confirm their IDP registration every 60 days and to collect their pensions – the only source of income for majority.

The Covid-19 restrictions made such critically important journeys impossible for most pensioners.

More than 1,4 million - the number of officially registered IDPs which does not reflect the reality as a consequence of the above-mentioned policies. The accurate number of IDPs is essential for planning and implementing policies on durable solutions.