Update on interventions to contain cholera outbreak in Uganda (6 September 2019)

from Government of Uganda
Published on 06 Sep 2019 View Original

KAMPALA, 06/09/2019 — The Ministry of Health would like to inform the general public of an active Cholera outbreak affecting five districts in Uganda.

The affected districts are; Kyegegwa, Bududa, Kisoro, Isingiro and Busia where cases have been reported. To-date, a cumulative total of 241 cases and 2 deaths has been recorded over the last three months.

Since June 2019, Cholera has been reported in five districts namely; Bududa (66 cases, 1 deaths), Kyegegwa (25 cases 0 deaths), Kisoro 20 suspected cases, Isingiro 118 cases with 1 death.

This week (3rd September 2019), 12 cases with 0 deaths were investigated and Cholera was confirmed among patients who reported at Nabulola Health Center III and Dubani Mission Hospital in Busia district. With exception of Bududa and Busia, the cholera outbreak in the other districts are linked to refugee settlements i.e. — Kyaka Ii (in Kyegegwa District) Nakivale, (in Isingiro District) and Oruchinga (in Kisoro District). In order to contain these outbreaks, the Ministry of Health working with the respective local governments and Development Partners is carrying out the following measures to avert further spread of the outbreak. The interventions in place are;

  • Intensified health education for hygiene improvement, with emphasis on hand washing with water and soap, keeping clean homes, covering food, and eating food that is hot.

  • Promotion of use of safe water and construction of latrines in affected communities and those at high risk Investigate all the outbreaks to identify the risk factors. Most of the outbreaks have been attributed due use of contaminated water, poor sanitation characterized by open defecation, and poor personal and domestic hygiene

  • Established cholera treatment centres in each of the affected districts for management of cases.

  • Strengthened coordination to monitor progress on outbreak control measures through both national and district task force meetings

  • Provided additional medicines to replenish the stock already used in affected districts

  • For the districts such as; Bududa which faced a landslide, targeted Oral Cholera Vaccination (OCV) was carried out in 23 parishes where cases were reported.